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MAPA Taiwan adventure

Performer Prepare!

Lecture 'Performer Prepare' by Ide van Heiningen (mime, director MAPA) at 旬印 Anemos Cafe, 中山區長春路311-1號1樓Taipei. From19:30h. Why MAPA? Ide spoke about his personal development as a mime, about the history and the present of MAPA. Starting in Zagreb, founded in 1993, MAPA has been invited to guide and coach the artistic development of young professionals in the field of performing arts. This resulted in the transformations of empty spaces into working studio's throughout Eastern Europe, while working on the starting point of sharing and doing so creating 'a bank without money'. Ide continued about the present with the recent developments of the Moving Academy for Performing Arts and its Studio MAPA Nederland following the intentions of the new artistic director Virag Dezso: an inviting and multifunctional theater laboratory for national and international theater makers and performers offering a new training for music theatre makers and practitioners, which starts from the musicality of the body and its relation to space. Here, the resident artist and percussionist Yung-Tuan Ku, got her inspiration to start MAPA Taiwan.

Yung-Tuan Ku, initiator MAPA Taiwan and MAPA MoM workshop, translated for the interested audience, coming from various backgrounds such as marshall arts, architecture, publishers, musicians, performers, artists. Special welcome to our collaborating partner Shih-Yang Lee, from Kadaoyin Improvisation Group. Thank you Tien-Han Chang for this second evening of wonderful hospitality. Next time we will perform in your beautiful space!

旬印 Anemos Cafe, 中山區長春路311-1號1樓Taipei.

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