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As the result of the pandemic we've created the possibility to keep training! 
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Enjoy the online training library, which offers different classes, courses including MoM!  

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Xtreme Light on COMMA#3 Festival 

COMMA#3 Festival period: 24 - 27 May on different locations. See full program here!  

Free entrance Reservation is required! Try here!  


Xtreme Light Date: 26. May 2023 Block 2.

Location: Conny Janssen Danst Studio 1. Rotterdam 


block 1:


block 2:

20:00 Xtreme Light is the second piece

Xtreme Light is a metaphor for cognitive dissonance through a personal experience. In this transdisciplinary performance music instrumental play and body movements create together the 18 minutes composition. 


Performers:  Elsa Marquet Lienhart / modern flute, Aida Alvarez Fernandez / viola, Virág Dezsö / violin. 


Choreographer: Virág Dezsö in collaboration with the performers.

Lighting: Jeroen Krien and Ide van Heiningen 

Artisic coach: Bertha Bermudez (Codarts) and Ide van Heiningen (MAPA) 

Special thanks to MAPA, the Moving Academy for Performing Arts and Studio MAPA Nederland 

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