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Instant Music-Theatre

wherein the visible, sensible and audible aspects of stage performance play an equal role

Musicality of Movement

as the core element of new music-theatre is based on training the musicians / composers / performers in physical, spatial awareness, physical dialogue and feedback through individual, partner and group exercises.


On an advanced level MoM is using instant / real time composition as a challenge of recognizing the special qualities of the given moment and be able to make instant decisions without any doubt relying on developed skills and trust. 

IMT, as it is real time composition, is based on improvisation in all aspects with a special focus on phrasing in a spatial context.


The different elements (audio, visual, physical) with their special qualities freely intertwine on the common ground of musicality. 


The constantly growing listening through space and action is essential to read the specific nature and structure of the developing scene as a phrase. 

The word 'scene' indicates theatricality, which doesn't mean linear timeline or storytelling.

This intuitieve art form flourishes and sparkle the most in an abstract form leaving space for the audience entering poetry through their imagination.  


This exploring and performing laboratory is part of the physicality based art program of MAPA-Amsterdam, the Moving Academy for Performing Arts.

It has a special focus on musicality in all aspects.  

The platform works - on the first place - with invited artists, musicians who has been following the MoM activities and has a closer working relation to MAPA and / or Studio MAPA Nederland. 

The growing mutual understanding through the MoM and divers MAPA activities allows the artists to come to a shared, common understanding and physical language as a base for the further research processes and performances. 

One of the inspiring subject is to challange the dialogue between light and performer in space, as all the invited artists till now were trained in MAPA's basic light course about physical interaction.    

In the near future the               is going to open it's doors for adventures artists from different fields for further exploration of the possible connection between the different elements of performing arts based on the form of real time composition.  

The                sessions take place in the theatre studio of MAPA, in Studio MAPA Nederland. 


The piece was born and recorded in the Conservatory of Amsterdam as part of the final performances of the MAPA Summer Academy 2015. The 3 week intense international laboratory program offers exploration in all aspects, learning about integrating physicality, music playing and lighting in a spatial composition, challenged by the moment. The process of making instant choices and decisions, create and perform improvisation based pieces with confidence is prepared by the Musicality of Movement approach. 

Sife specific imrpovisation assignements followed by feed-back was part of the MAPA Summer Academy 2015 program. The 3 week intense process was culminated in public performances on different locations prepared by the MoM approach. 

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