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MAPA Taiwan adventure

Starting from the body 從身體開始

移動表演藝術學院工作坊的第一天-音樂性律動。我們邀請了十八個學員,加上指導者總共二十一人。在自我介紹之後,伊德開始引導熱身與各種肢體律動,讓大夥調整身心的狀態。薇拉則帶領大家進入音樂性律動,“我們與各種媒材互動:所有我們所聽到的,看到的,感覺到的各種媒材。” 做為一個觀察者與表演者,我們與各種衝擊互動,運用各種與我們相互關連著的肢體碰觸,身邊夥伴以及空間的關係。 Our first day of the MAPA workshop 'Musicality of Movement'. We welcome 18 participants and are 21 people in total. After the names and hearing each others' profession, we start off with the morning body training, developed further from mime technique by Ide van Heiningen. We are working with the body and the mind together, and learn about the movement of progression and digression. Virág Dezső takes over with the Musicality of Movement workshop: "we work with the different media: what we see, hear and sense". We play with the impuls, as observer or performer. This is like touching, the partner, the space. We are connected and use anything that is given. First images are created.

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