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Composition and performance 創作與表演

Good morning Sunshine, the day of the final performance! We start with Ide van Heiningen on transformations and masks, big and small. "Even in distance you are in connection". On the dance floor with Virag I observe the influence of the costumes and musical instruments. Virag: "You work with the complexity of movement. You have to work with direction. Also with space you have to feel silence." The audience is astonished by the instant composing. Everyone receives their certificate, drawings are taken home and we finish with such open and honest evaluations! Thank you all, especially Yung-Tuan Ku. More workshops to come. A happy new year in which we love to see you! 早安、陽光、成果、最後一天。伊德早上帶著我們練習轉化

Fictive Spaces 轉變空間

"Fictive Spaces" in VT Gallery: A great performance nearly as a constructionist sound painting. 6 Taiwanese musicians with previous MAPA MoM experience / Yung-Tuan Ku, Yu-Chin Sherry Wei, I-Ily Cheng, Ting-Yu , Che-Sheng Wu, Pikong Wu / and Virag Dezso took the audience on a poetic journey through time. The evening concert-performance was based on real time composition - the subject of the week long MoM workshop - followed by a wonderful open discussion! Thank you all, especially Isa Ho for having us; thank you audience for your wonderful feedback; thank you Vicky and Mei-Yu Tao for helping with the recordings. 我們在非常廟藝文空間準備今晚的演出“轉變空間”:一個幾近結構主義,以聲音、肢體、燈光與空間對話的表演。六位過去參加過動作音樂性工作坊的台灣音樂家:辜永端、魏鈺青、

Space, composition and instruments 空間、創作、樂器

A very fruitful and beautiful day experiencing space and composition while integrating musical instruments. With Ide van Heiningen we transform from a vampire into a little bird, we are a puppet or caterpillar. "The quality of giving. Take time for transformation. Everything has a reason. The dramaturgy is what you choose for." In the process with Virag we develop further: "Do not try to tell something concrete. I offer space to the audience to relate to it but i am clear about my choices; be grounded!" We are prepared for "Fictive Spaces" in VT Gallery: A great performance nearly as a constructionist sound painting. The dogs and the night market afterwards seem like an extension of the perf

Sound, body and space 聲音、肢體與空間

A sacred Ibis on this cold day! We work on articulation with the morning training by Ide van Heiningen. We follow our small movements of head, neck,chest, center and pelvis. The body is ready for some creatively prepared coffee! With Virag Dezso we experience to play in combinations of 3 and 5 and the participants were there colorful dresses. "I had a feeling sometimes we hesitate to do something in the space and we would loose energy, some information would go out." Beautiful birds show themselves around the Tamsui river. We have our first rehearsal in the gallery with instruments, costumes and lighting: 非常廟藝文空間 VT Art Salon 今天好冷。伊德早上的課程著重在動作與動作之間連結性。頭、脖子、胸、核心與骨盆,我們感受著動

Time and movement 時間與動作

Catching the moment. Being there. After the warming up with Ide van Heiningen, Virag Dezső starts with an exercise of throwing a 'ball' in the air: "Follow the movement till it hits the ground. You have to feel the moment is coming, you have to prepare, to be there, to end. You have to be with it and sense the timing, the quality of the moment. Body movement has a certain quality. When your action becomes clear then timing is clear. It is in the action the movement has to be clear and readable. The butterfly on our dance floor and the Bowed Fiddler Crab building his sand-roof against the flood are the beautiful gifts of the day, which ends with the welcoming hospitality of our Dutch represen

Relation to space 與空間的關係

The morning starts by calling the Dutch representative office, designing posters and the arrival of our lunch. In the body training by Ide van Heiningen we focus on the functional triangle of the actor/performer: being the sender, receiver and observer and the interaction of these functions. With Virag Dezső we work with the body to experience the relation to space. Teacher Trudi Ko, from the Architecture department, Tamkang University (TKUA) Tapei, watches, as she wants to incorporate the training into her own classes: "it is very important for architects to feel the space." We hear Virag: "You have to know what your goal is based on experiencing not based on patterns! The body is always lo

Performer Prepare!

Lecture 'Performer Prepare' by Ide van Heiningen (mime, director MAPA) at 旬印 Anemos Cafe, 中山區長春路311-1號1樓Taipei. From19:30h. Why MAPA? Ide spoke about his personal development as a mime, about the history and the present of MAPA. Starting in Zagreb, founded in 1993, MAPA has been invited to guide and coach the artistic development of young professionals in the field of performing arts. This resulted in the transformations of empty spaces into working studio's throughout Eastern Europe, while working on the starting point of sharing and doing so creating 'a bank without money'. Ide continued about the present with the recent developments of the Moving Academy for Performing Arts and its Studio

Space and direction 空間與方向

早晨天氣晴朗,伊德帶領大家做了“給予和接受”的肢體感受訓練。薇拉引導成員們感受身體、空間與方向的關係。我們體驗了許多美好的經驗。薇拉呼應“純淨你的身體動作與心思意念,因為你的身體是潔淨的,臉部放鬆,唇線柔軟,注意你的呼吸。” 中午,我們在淡水河邊野餐,發覺許多有趣的生物。最特別的是我們的東道主-長弓舞蹈的幸運兔! A good sunny morning with the body training by Ide van Heiningen with special attention for 'giving and taking'. This day we work with Virág Dezső to experience the relation between body, space and direction. Many great lessons we learn. We hear Virág echoing: "Clear choices in movement and approach, because your body is very clear! Faces relaxed, lips are soft and mind the breathing; today we have some little phrasing." Meanwhile the artists Machteld Aardse and Mei-Yu Tao work on bi-lingual poster designs for the public. We enjoy the

Biking against the wind 逆風正好

打擊音樂家與台灣移動表演藝術學院主持人辜永端在旬印咖啡分享她在荷蘭阿姆斯特丹求學,以及參與移動表演藝術學院活動演出與發展的經驗 。在一個半小時的座談會與問答中,與會的朋友們充滿好奇,也刺激大家有更多的想法。感謝所有觀眾的參與,還有旬印咖啡馬克思的殷勤招待,茶會實在太好吃了。 Lecture by Yung-Tuan Ku (percussionist and initiator MAPA Taiwan) at 旬印 Anemos Cafe, 中山區長春路311-1號1樓Taipei. From19:30h. Young-Tuan Ku shared her experience studying and performing in the Netherlands at the Amsterdam Conservatory and at Studio MAPA Nederland and also about initiating MAPA Taiwan! We enjoyed a 1 1/2 hour presentation and a Q&A that showed all curiosity and raised more information for thought and reflection.Thank wonderful audience and Max for your great hospitality, the best coffee in town and delicious bites. 女孩兒們,謝啦! Thank you ladies! 這是我們從

Starting from the body 從身體開始

移動表演藝術學院工作坊的第一天-音樂性律動。我們邀請了十八個學員,加上指導者總共二十一人。在自我介紹之後,伊德開始引導熱身與各種肢體律動,讓大夥調整身心的狀態。薇拉則帶領大家進入音樂性律動,“我們與各種媒材互動:所有我們所聽到的,看到的,感覺到的各種媒材。” 做為一個觀察者與表演者,我們與各種衝擊互動,運用各種與我們相互關連著的肢體碰觸,身邊夥伴以及空間的關係。 Our first day of the MAPA workshop 'Musicality of Movement'. We welcome 18 participants and are 21 people in total. After the names and hearing each others' profession, we start off with the morning body training, developed further from mime technique by Ide van Heiningen. We are working with the body and the mind together, and learn about the movement of progression and digression. Virág Dezső takes over with the Musicality of Movement workshop: "we work with the different media: what we see, hear and sense".

Welcome in Taipei! 歡迎光臨臺北城!

非常熱情地歡迎方式!一整天被美食填飽與隨之的搖滾音樂。 A warm welcome at Tapei! A day of wonderful food and a rock concert will follow. GG兄弟超酷!杰克文創的西門搖滾。GG Brothers are cool! Rocking at Jack's at Ximen Taipei

Leaving Amsterdam... 離開阿姆斯特丹...

移動表演藝術學院的主辦人(薇拉與伊德)與台灣巡迴計劃主持人(辜永端)正從阿姆斯特丹搭機起飛。 The MAPA leaders (Virág Dezső , Ide van Heiningen) and the Taiwan project leader (Yung-Tuan Ku) just before take off on Amsterdam Schiphol. Fresh initiation, fresh flight!

The decision has been made! 決定了! We take MoM by MAPA to Taiwan. 我們把移動表演藝術學院的音樂性律動帶到台灣。

2016年九月,陽光燦爛,精盈豐沛,綠意盎然,移動表演藝術學院蓄勢待發。 September 2016, sparkling sunshine, good energy, lots of plans, the core MAPA team is ready. 辜永端,薇拉,伊德與瑪荷朵正前往海牙與臺北駐荷經貿辦事處商討台灣巡迴計劃。 Just before the Taiwan Embassy meeting for The MAPA Taiwan cultural exchange project by the core team: Yung-Tuan Ku, Virág Dezső, Ide van Heiningen, Machteld Aardse in The Hague With the Taiwan Embassy / Representative Office at Scheveningen, discussing our plans Our partner, 9T Culture

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