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MAPA Taiwan adventure

Space, composition and instruments 空間、創作、樂器

A very fruitful and beautiful day experiencing space and composition while integrating musical instruments. With Ide van Heiningen we transform from a vampire into a little bird, we are a puppet or caterpillar. "The quality of giving. Take time for transformation. Everything has a reason. The dramaturgy is what you choose for." In the process with Virag we develop further: "Do not try to tell something concrete. I offer space to the audience to relate to it but i am clear about my choices; be grounded!" We are prepared for "Fictive Spaces" in VT Gallery: A great performance nearly as a constructionist sound painting. The dogs and the night market afterwards seem like an extension of the performance. Thank you all, especially Isa Ho for having us; thank you audience for your wonderful feedback; thank you Vicky and Mei-Yu Tao for helping with the recordings. 體驗著空間與創作,融合著肢體與樂器,一個充滿收穫又美麗的一天。伊德帶著我們將肢體從吸血鬼轉化成小鳥,有時像個木偶,有時像個毛毛蟲。在舞台上,“給予”的品質。故事是你自己的選擇,每個動作都有一個原因,不要急著轉化兩個角色。在薇拉課程裡,我們有了更深入的發展:“不要把故事說得太具體,我們應該要提供觀眾一個空間去自我連結,但清楚表達你的任何選擇;由內而外、回到自我”。我們在非常廟藝文空間準備今晚的演出“轉變空間”:一個幾近結構主義,以聲音、肢體、燈光與空間對話的表演。路邊的小狗、演出後的夜市,就好像表演的延伸一樣。謝謝大家,特別是非常廟的Isa Ho,讓我們可以在這麼美好的空間演出;謝謝觀眾美好的反饋;謝謝陶美羽幫我們綠影。

Welcome at VT ArtSalon for the performance 'Fictive Spaces'

Some video stills

Coming to an end...

Fried Ice cream and hot dogs

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