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MAPA Taiwan adventure

Fictive Spaces 轉變空間

"Fictive Spaces" in VT Gallery: A great performance nearly as a constructionist sound painting. 6 Taiwanese musicians with previous MAPA MoM experience / Yung-Tuan Ku, Yu-Chin Sherry Wei, I-Ily Cheng, Ting-Yu , Che-Sheng Wu, Pikong Wu / and Virag Dezso took the audience on a poetic journey through time. The evening concert-performance was based on real time composition - the subject of the week long MoM workshop - followed by a wonderful open discussion! Thank you all, especially Isa Ho for having us; thank you audience for your wonderful feedback; thank you Vicky and Mei-Yu Tao for helping with the recordings.

我們在非常廟藝文空間準備今晚的演出“轉變空間”:一個幾近結構主義,以聲音、肢體、燈光與空間對話的表演。六位過去參加過動作音樂性工作坊的台灣音樂家:辜永端、魏鈺青、鄭伊里、黃亭瑜、吳哲陞、吳文欽;與荷蘭移動表演藝術學院藝術總監:薇拉・黛喆帶領觀眾經歷了一趟充滿詩意的旅程。今晚的表演是以這一整週工作坊的主題:即時創作為基礎,並結束在美好的藝術家對談。謝謝大家,特別是非常廟的Isa Ho,讓我們可以在這麼美好的空間演出;謝謝觀眾美好的反饋;謝謝陶美羽幫我們綠影。

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