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MAPA Taiwan adventure

Space and direction 空間與方向

早晨天氣晴朗,伊德帶領大家做了“給予和接受”的肢體感受訓練。薇拉引導成員們感受身體、空間與方向的關係。我們體驗了許多美好的經驗。薇拉呼應“純淨你的身體動作與心思意念,因為你的身體是潔淨的,臉部放鬆,唇線柔軟,注意你的呼吸。” 中午,我們在淡水河邊野餐,發覺許多有趣的生物。最特別的是我們的東道主-長弓舞蹈的幸運兔! A good sunny morning with the body training by Ide van Heiningen with special attention for 'giving and taking'. This day we work with Virág Dezső to experience the relation between body, space and direction. Many great lessons we learn. We hear Virág echoing: "Clear choices in movement and approach, because your body is very clear! Faces relaxed, lips are soft and mind the breathing; today we have some little phrasing." Meanwhile the artists Machteld Aardse and Mei-Yu Tao work on bi-lingual poster designs for the public. We enjoy the warm lunch alongside the Tamsui river and discover new and magical animal life, in the river and in the city center. Most special is our host, the lucky rabbit of the Chang Dance Theater!

再進城去,參加伊德的座談會 And back again to the city, with a new lecture by Ide van Heiningen

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