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MAPA Taiwan adventure

Sound, body and space 聲音、肢體與空間

A sacred Ibis on this cold day! We work on articulation with the morning training by Ide van Heiningen. We follow our small movements of head, neck,chest, center and pelvis. The body is ready for some creatively prepared coffee! With Virag Dezso we experience to play in combinations of 3 and 5 and the participants were there colorful dresses. "I had a feeling sometimes we hesitate to do something in the space and we would loose energy, some information would go out." Beautiful birds show themselves around the Tamsui river. We have our first rehearsal in the gallery with instruments, costumes and lighting: 非常廟藝文空間 VT Art Salon 今天好冷。伊德早上的課程著重在動作與動作之間連結性。頭、脖子、胸、核心與骨盆,我們感受著動作中,每個身體部位的連結。暖身之後,來杯我們的創意咖啡吧!在薇拉的課程中,我們三五成組的體驗不同顏色服裝在舞台上的效果。“我覺得有時候在台上猶豫不決的情緒,會讓我失去表演的能量,我們應該要釋放這些情緒”。美麗的鳥兒飛過淡水河邊。今天晚上是我們第一次帶著樂器、服裝在藝廊彩排,並且用燈光,轉變藝廊的空間成為表演空間。非常廟藝文空間 VT Art Salon 台北市新生北路三段56巷17號 B1Taipei, 02 2597 2525

And off we go for the rehearsal to VTSalon


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