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MAPA Taiwan adventure

MoM in Hong Kong 動作音樂性工作坊在香港

香港的動作音樂工作坊在今天由荷蘭默劇大師伊德.凡.海寧恩 (Ide van Heiningen) 親自揭開序幕。


在台灣的各位也蠢蠢欲動了嗎?我們下週見! The fruitful MoM workshop last year (in 2017) brought us now to Hong Kong. New invitation, new adventure of sharing knowledge and experience. The 3 day workshop begins with the Mime / Physical Acting training by Ide van Heiningen. His specific training program was developed within the work of MAPA / the Moving Academy for Performing Arts, during the last 25 years traveling through East Central Europe. In the tiny studio space engaged and curious participants learn quickly about articulation, relation to breath, space, partner. We definitely come back!

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