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MAPA Taiwan adventure

MoM in Taipei 2018 - the unexpected turn 2018 台北動作音樂性工作坊-一次預料之外的旅程

The two weeks MoM period in Taiwan started with a sad turn, challenging the team finding solutions. Workshop leader Virag Dezso's mother passed away just before the start. ... "Do we cancel everything? Can we keep going? How...?" Due to the quick action of the Taiwan team and the strong decision of Virag, the workshop days could be prolonged and dates shifted. The first day is led by Ide van Heiningen introducing the core principles of his mime training. New and returning participants with different artistic backgrounds are ready to start.

為期兩週的台北動作音樂性工作坊在一開始就傳來壞消息,挑戰著工作坊執行團隊的危機應變能力。工作坊教師薇拉・黛喆的媽媽在工作坊開始前不久過世了。 “要取消工作坊嗎?” “計畫還要繼續下去嗎?” “該怎麼做?” 。在台灣團隊的快速反應與薇拉的堅強決定之下,工作坊的日期得已延後並調整。


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