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MAPA Taiwan adventure

Body, Senses & Performing Drawing 肢體、感受與跳動的圖畫

Second workshop day is in the hand of the MAPA Member Vanja Shoch supported by her MAPA colleagues Yung-Tuan Ku and Che-Sheng Wu. They take over the physical training preparing the participants opening up senses, partner work, awareness. Thanks to this team the original plan can be fulfilled, and later on Virag Dezso can take over the group when she is back from Hungary.

The second day is completed by the second lecture as an evening side program!

Visual artist Machteld Aardse - member of the MAPA core team - gives an inspiring lecture 'PERFORMING DRAWING' at Anemos cafe. 2018 / 02 / 04 (Sunday) at 19:30.


晚上則緊接著《荷蘭移動表演藝術學院X旬印咖啡 表演藝術仨講座》系列第二場:MAPA核心團隊



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