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MAPA Taiwan adventure

'Nothing is everything' - musicality, objects, composition 無所不在-聲響音樂性與動作音樂性的歷險

Che-Sheng Wu's lecture 'Nothing is Everything' at Anemos Cafe: 2018/02/03 (Sat.) at 19:30.

As side program of the MoM workshop will be interesting events happening. The first lecture in Anemos Cafe in Taipei as 'NOTHING IS EVERYTHING' on the 2018 / 02 / 03 (Sat.) at 19:30 given by Che-Sheng Wu. He as a classical percussionist has a wider artistic view then the traditional repertoire, which brought him to the Moving Academy for Performing Arts (MAPA) become a physical performer and work on integration an inclusion. His specifically fascinated by the 'animated objects' workshop led by the Dutch mime Michael Helmerhorst.

動作音樂性工作坊的另外一個重頭戲便是《荷蘭移動表演藝術學院X旬印咖啡 表演藝術仨講座》,第一個講座是打擊樂家吳哲陞在2018年2月3號晚上七點半的【無所不在:聲響音樂性與動作音樂性的歷險】。在古典打擊樂基礎之下,他有著更廣闊的藝術視野,這使得他加入荷蘭移動表演藝術學院並專注於跨領域藝術合作。除此之外,他也深受令外一個荷蘭默劇大師麥可・海莫火茲的“動畫物件工作坊”啟發而踏入物件音樂劇場的領域。

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